Dear Colleagues and those who are interested in neuromodulation!

We all know that both invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation serves a major role in clinically difficult situations, where traditional therapy, as medications would not work and it is a very fast developing field in medicine concerning those at specialties including neurology, psychiatry, ENT, pain medicine, neuro surgery and others. Therefore I would like to invite you to the very first Baltic neuromodulation conference, which aims to promote wire and vary use of neuromodulation techniques in the Baltic region.

I hope you will all enjoy both sessions, lectures from the most renowned European specialist in the field and also practical workshops.

So I warmly welcome you to the brilliancy of Jurmala in the blossoming spring!

Dr. Janis Mednieks

Neurologist, Epileptologist, Board member of Latvian League Against Epilepsy, President of Latvian Association of Clinical Neurophysiology

Dr. Rokas Tamosauskas (UK)

Anestesiologist. Specialises in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia in Cambridge University Hospital.

Prof.Juho Joutsa (Fin)

Chief Neurologist. Director of Turku BrainLab and chair of Turku Brain and Mind Center. Turku University Hospital.

Prof. Satu Jaaskelainen (Fin)

Neurophysiologist. Head of Clinical Neurophysiology department. Turku University Hospital.

Lectures & Workshops

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Lectures with latest insights in neuromodulation


Networking & Enjoyful environment

Patient oriented session

Patient who needs the effective treatment is in the center of any innovative treatment including neuromodulation, therefore we are organizing a patient oriented session. Many thanks to  Paula Ripa for sharing her experience living with epilepsy and VNS and her warm welcome to the conference.

Venue: Hotel Jurmala Spa